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April 07, 2008



On a trip from London, England to Dallas Texas in the USA, I sat next to a young lady in her early twenties. She was from Sacramento, California and we began to exchange a few words. I asked her what she was doing in London and she explained that she was a student. She had spent three months there and was going home to visit her family.

I also discovered that she had had a roommate in London that had got on her nerves more and more while she was living there. She was leaving London and she was glad to see the end of her. She asked me whether I was married, whether I had children, where I lived. There was polite conversation for a while, until after a while, we lapsed into silence for the ten hour flight ahead.

About three hours into the flight I was sitting quietly, reading my Bible, when God impressed the name Gillian on my mind and I felt that He wanted me to ask her about Gillian.

“I can’t do that”, I thought.

“Ask her”, said the Lord more firmly this time (you see God is patient).

“I can’t do that - she will think that I’m crazy”, I responded.

“Ask her”, said the Lord more firmly this time.

I gritted my teeth and turned to her: “Tell me about Gillian”, I said.

She replied, “Which Gillian?”

She probed further, “Gillian in London or Gillian in Florida?”

“I don’t know - you tell me”, I responded.

She then proceeded to tell me that her friend Gillian in Florida came to live with her in London and was her roommate for three months. God had given me the name of her roommate that had got on her nerves!

Then she caught herself: “Tell me how you knew about Gillian?”

For the rest of the flight I had a captive audience as I shared with her the power of the Holy Spirit and what it means to know this Jesus Christ.

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Anthony Dodd

"God is speaking to us all the time, but we are not listening for His voice and seldom do we ask to hear His voice.” This is the statement made by an insightful pastor that initially provoked me to ask God to hear His voice. At the time, I sensed that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me through this statement. As well, I reasoned that if God was speaking to me all the time, then I must not be listening or able to hear His voice. Initially, I had no idea as to why I could not hear God's voice. In turn, I did not attempt to figure out why this was the case. Though my mind was reasoning in such a manner, I knew that reasoning would not get me to the place I wanted to be, i.e. hearing the voice of God. I understood, at least a little, that this would only be accomplished through faith. And it was by faith that I chose to learn to hear the voice of God. I did not take the time to ask every religious leader I could find about whether or not they believed people could hear the voice of God in this day and age. That would not have been time well spent. I simply began to ask God everyday to hear His voice. I would pray five or six times a day asking God to open my spiritual ears to hear what He was saying to me. If He was speaking to me all the time, then surely I was missing out on a lot of good conversation.

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